Artotech Integration is a company located on the north shore of Montreal, established since 2011. Its founder, Marc Bonin, has been a training scenographer for more than 35 years and has a portfolio of the most diverse. Having started in the construction of scenery and scenic elements, but now specializing for 10 years in lifting system.



Joel Theatrical has been established in the Canadian market since 1980. Headed by Van Marineau, it is located in Mississauga, not too far from Toronto. Although its offering is highly diversified in lifting and rigging systems, its main specialty is the manual counterweight lifting system.


In 2016, both companies join forces and are now working together to offer even more comprehensive turnkey solutions.


The group Artotech Integration and Joel Theatrical specializes in the creation, installation and maintenance of stage infrastructure and theater equipment.


We offer safe, efficient and user-friendly solutions for international production companies in the performing arts and entertainment.

Traditional & Innovative

Together, Artotech Integration and Joel Theatrical form a new brand that is of utmost harmony.


Joel's experience and tradition plus Artotech's freshness and innovative-thinking create balance within the company.

Ingenious & Meticulous

Rooted in our passion for our profession, we are resourceful and we make sure to find creative ways to approach each project as needed. Even if our work is mostly backstage, every project is treated with skill and precision.


“If you see our work, then we haven’t done it right.”

Hard-Working & Professional

Since the domaine of entertainment never stop and requires constant adaptation, we work as the expression:

“ The show must go on ! ”

Regardless of the challenges, hard-work and devotion are always part of the group.

Honest & Fun

When there is/are honesty and fun, there is/are inspiration and motivation for sure.

This is the environment we want to create for our employees and incorporate in the creations we leave behind us as a legacy for our clients.


We are proud to be certified by the following companies to distribute and install their products.


Here are some of our successful collaborations



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